Off-Campus Housing 101

Helping students find 'a home away from home' - since 1998

Benefits for Students

  • Benefits for Students

    Remove the stress from students and parents.

    • Always FREE for students to search the database.
    • Students access a large real-time database of student housing vacancies in the area of the school.
    • Current and prospective students have world-wide access to listings via the Internet.
    • Listings provide students considerable information about available housing, including photos and text,    extended contact information and property features.
    • New automated rental alert system to help students find suitable housing.
    • Searchable database - searchable by conditions such as number of bedrooms, price and type of housing.
    • Site is branded to your school, thus maintaining a congruent student experience.
    • Automated mapping assists students in locating listed properties.
    • Internet based - No software to load.
    • Our landlord vetting process helps ensure students avoid scams & fraud situations.

More About Off Campus Housing 101

  • 75% to 80% of Students Live Off Campus

    Students require quality housing

    OCH101 has been providing off-campus housing solutions since 1998. We have worked with over 80 schools across Canada, the United States & the Caribbean. We are members of the National Commuter Association and have presented at ACPA, UNT's Drive In Commuter Conference and WACUHO-I.

    We continuously incorporate features to improve and enhance our off-campus housing product to ensure that each school receives exactly what they require. In March of 2005 we received honorable mention for the Commission 17: Commuter Students & Adult Learners Outstanding Commuter Program at ACPA. Our partnered school website range in size: our smallest school has 500 students and our largest school has well over 30,000 students.

    Off Campus Housing (OCH101) is a complete leading edge internet-based off-campus housing solution. This "FREE" service compliments all off-campus and commuter programs within the school environment. Providing a valuable off-campus housing solution for your students, faculty, and staff helps to improve auxiliary services for the entire school community.

    Off-Campus Housing 101 is a proud Corporate Partner and Platinum sponsor of the annual WACE Conference and Exposition, representing the Western Association of College and University Housing Officers every April in California.

"OCH101 and Rent Hello have allowed ROSS University School of Medicine to focus the housing office's time and energy on on-campus related housing needs and student-centered activities enabling a better experience for our students. "
Francisca Knight
Director of Housing
Ross University School of Medicine
" I would suggest Off-campus Housing 101 to anyone who needs a high quality off-campus housing solution. "
Kristina Maxwell
Communications Coordinator
San Diego State University
" Thanks again so much Richard and Ernie. I know you have worked so hard to make this a reality and we are forever indebted to you. As always, you guys have been wonderful partners and we are glad to be associated with you. "
Gezai Berhane
Student Life & Leadership
California State University